Nhu Tin Corporation was established in January 2010. We always strive to build a good cooperative relationship with our partners and constantly develop business activities on the basis of mutual benefits. We specialize in providing cashew nut shell residue (cashew nut shell residue after oil pressing). Being the pioneer initiating the application of cashew nut shell residue fuel for industrial boilers with decades of experience, we are confident to provide our customers with solutions to effectively use cashew residue (or other biomass fuels) including:
– Provide boiler improvement equipment for burning cashew nut shell residue
– Advice on how to use cashew nut fuel effectively to save production costs up to 50% compared to only burning coal
– Advice on how to operate without affecting equipment life
– Advice on how to handle exhaust fumes without affecting the surrounding environment.

In addition, Nhu Tin is also a pioneer in Vietnam to invest and put into use automatic unloading (dumping) technology for trucks and container trailers from Europe.

Realizing the great results from this investment, Nhu Tin wishes to introduce this technology to domestic enterprises, contributing to practical benefits for customers.

Through a long process of research and practical application, Nhu Tin has cooperated with a reliable partner from Europe to be ready to provide quality, efficient and affordable automatic unloading systems, reasonable for the Vietnamese market.

With the advantages of compactness, flexibility, suitable for a variety of goods, a variety of loads (from 30 tons to 80 tons), high durability, almost no maintenance, simple operation, and quick installation, the system is easily suitable for all types of truck / container available of customers.

With a prestigious management team, a high sense of responsibility, flexibility, leanness & efficiency, we are committed to providing our customers with quality products at the most competitive prices, guaranteed delivery schedule, to meet the diverse requirements of customers.

With the motto of prestige and sustainable cooperation, Nhu Tin always strives in both human and material resources to build brand reputation, customer satisfaction for the products and services we provide.

The trust and support of customers during the past time is a great source of encouragement on Nhu Tin’s development path. We will constantly improve, serve our customers the best to deserve that trust.

Nhu Tin Corporation is ready to provide large, long-term contracts with the most competitive prices and quality!

Please call us at 0907.917.301 or email: nhutincorp@gmail.com for further information.